Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Third Eye Chakra (center of forehead above eyes)
Sodalite and Moonstone

Represented by the colour indigo, this chakra deals with thinking and reasoning skills, intellectual concepts, ethical values, applying judgment to daily life, creating one’s own reality and understanding the meaning of life’s processes and events. Blockages include denial of truth or reality; paranoia and other mental disorders; refusal or fear of introspection; casting blame; negative thinking, refusal to learn from life’s experiences and past mistakes. Sodalite encourages idealism and the drive for truth, helping us to remain true to ourselves. Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotional calm and stability. This stone accentuates receptive (feminine) qualities and promotes sensitivity, intuition and clairvoyance. If feeling overwhelmed by emotions, this stone will help to create balance through the harmonizing of feelings with the higher self. For those out of touch with their feelings, it brings them into awareness.